Caterpillars & Humans

It’s March already and this is my first post in nearly two months. Wow. Ok so it’s been a busy couple of months full of design ideas, work and exhibitions. I’m currently working at Caterpillar Books who specialise in novelty formats for young children; they’re linked up with Little Tiger Press (young picture books) and Stripes Publishing (young fiction). I’ve been there for 3 weeks and already love it. The company is small but has a really fun atmosphere and working vibe; Bologna Book Fair is in a couple of weeks so it’s super busy with everyone trying to get mock ups and posters etc printed and made, which is great for me as there’s always something to do. I plan to post pictures of the studio and some of the work I’m doing sometime soon (depending on copyright issues, of course).

On other notes, I managed to go to the Ed Ruscha exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in January which was really good. I discovered his work after seeing ‘OOF’ at the MoMA a few years back so wanted to explore the rest of his collection whilst I had the chance. His style is typographic with solid and bold colours (which I love), especially his early work.

I spent today with some uni friends which was great. We started off at the Decode exhibition at the V&A which was so much fun. It’s full of digital art which you can interact with; things like a giant art canvas that you ‘paint’ on, a long exposure effect digital photo and the chance to have 15 minutes of fame by recording yourself and appearing on a grid of screens. Definitely worth visiting and the guide that accompanies it is so nicely made…in fact I think I may go back again…..
Next up was an animation called ‘Brendan & the Secret of Kells’ at the BFI (first time I’ve actually been there, shame on me..) which was beautifully created.
Our final stop was at the Japanese restaurant Inamo. This is a restaurant with a difference as you have to order your food and drinks on a digital table. Oh yes. It was an interesting experience as you sit there with projectors above your table so you can scroll through the menu and order. Not only this but there are games to play while you wait, a map of the local area and a chef cam so you get to see what’s happening behind the scenes. You also have the option to choose the effects on your ‘tablecloth’. Overall it was really good fun and the food was tasty but I was still hungry afterwards. Plus you spend half your time staring at the table rather that interacting with the people you’re eating with…..saying that, it is definitely worth trying out for the uniqueness of it all!

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