Veer Type Transfers

I received this lovely piece of post the other day. It’s a set of dry type transfers which I managed to blag for free from They’re a mini promotion to advertise some new fonts they have on their site…I think – I got distracted by the words ‘free’ and ‘typography’. The plan is to use them in a piece of design work but I have a tendency to not ruin things like this because they look too good. Maybe I should stop doing this…If I manage to resist saving them then I’ll post an entry to prove it.


  1. Teapot wrote:

    you two stop bickering and get designing, you very clever and talented ladies

  2. miriam wrote:

    Why have you never brought me back letter transfers from Indonesia?! You know how I love my typography! But yes, these are lovely

  3. Rachinta wrote:

    OCH! I want some! I’ve got loads of those letter transfers from Indonesia. They were sold at the street market and they were in a very dusty corner. I guess the ones I’ve got have been there for a very long time. Being Indonesia, it was super cheap!

    These are nice though. ooooo