Fish & Mice

This is amazing. It’s given me an idea as to what to do with the many short pencils I’ve accumulated over the years…

Another couple of busy months have passed but right now I’m in the middle of designing a poster and logo for events happening at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in London. If you’re like me and can’t resist a nice bit of ephemera then you have to make a visit. The contents are a lifetimes collection by Robert Opie (who is still collecting as I type), there are apparently over 300,000 objects in his collection and the museum holds a tiny fraction. Once these projects are completed I’ll post an entry about it.

In the mean time here is some of the work that I’ve done for Caterpillar Books, it’s in their new catalogue and on the website but as always, illustrations are copyright of Genny Haines and text copyright of Caterpillar Books Ltd, 2010.
There are four covers from a children’s book series that I had to redesign for an American publisher but need to wait until they are up on their website just in case. For now, here are two covers which I worked on some of the typography but mainly colour changes in the artwork. It took me a while as I had to make sure the hand painted brush strokes were still visible, patience was definitely needed on this project, but I am pleased with the final look of both covers.